(Photograph:  Theodore Samuels )

(Photograph: Theodore Samuels)

I'm a Brooklyn-based cookbook author, editor, food writer, and restaurant-trained cook from Oakland, California. I believe food is the connective tissue of community. I tell stories of the growers and cooks who feed us, the activists who fight for equitable food systems, and the home cooks who are the backbones of our towns and cities. 

At 17, I authored Flavors of Oakland, a cookbook which has garnered words of praise from Alice Waters, Oakland's mayor, and Michelin-Chef James Syhabout, among other chefs and writers. Thanks to a great reception, and continued community support, Flavors of Oakland is going into a third printing!

I’m the assistant editor at Serious Eats, and my writing on food and culture is published in The Washington Post, Bon Appétit, New York Magazine's Grub Street, Epicurious, Vice, Civil Eats, and Serious Eats, among other print and web publications.