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My Story

Food links everything I care about--justice, social equality, community development, and neighborhood and urban ecology. I use writing and storytelling as a means to understand food-based issues and create conversation. Further, I use food as a subject that others can approach alongside me. 

I have trained at several esteemed Oakland restaurants (Pizzaiolo//Duende) and worked for Riverdog Farm. I spent the last several summers teaching kids to cook at a culinary program in Emeryville, CA. I am a freelance food writer with pieces featured in the Oakland Tribune/ Mercury News.

I am now at Bard College in Upstate New York where I am studying photography and human rights, focusing on Queer Studies.  

30 Under 30 Finalist (Global Food Initiative)



Votes of Confidence

Sontag writes with friendly confidence, but he lets the cook’s stories shine. It is easy to sense his curiosity and enthusiasm throughout the text
— Kate Williams, Editor and Journalist

We have much to learn from young people like Anya and Elazar! Their instincts to celebrate beautiful meals cooked at home with family and friends fills me with hope.”
— Alice Waters, Restauranteur, Activist, Food Celebrity

Teen chef Elazar Sontag... is collaborating with a photographer friend on an ambitious photo/cooking project called ‘Flavors of Oakland,’ wherein regular folks in Oakland will share recipes from their cultural backgrounds.
— Luke Tsai, food writer

On the surface, Elazar Sontag seems like a typical kid — until you learn that he has his own food blog and moonlights weekly in the kitchens of two prominent East Bay restaurants. Sontag wants to open his own restaurant someday.
— Luke Tsai, food writer